Columbia Gorge waterfalls, Washington State

Leaving Winthrop and continuing our journey south the route was just beautiful,

following the course of the river the landscape was constantly altering, the thing that didn’t alter was the acres and acres of fruit trees, in over a hundred miles about eighty percent of the landscape was dedicated to fruit orchards.

We stopped en route at Lake Chelan, a beautiful turquoise lake and pleasant walk around the riverside watching a family of ducks and chicks bobbing about, mother duck failing in her attempts to keep all her chicks together! and the huge trout through the clear waters.

At our overnight stop in Wanatchee we discovered a great public market with deli stalls which provided our meal for the evening, and a great idea for a lending library!

Our scenic route continued en route to Columbia Gorge and the most scenic interstate route we have ever seen. We got some stunning views of the snow clad mountains of Mt Hood, Helena, Adams and Rainier as we drove.

Having read that there was a copy of Stonehenge we were interested to see what it looked like, and fortunately it was on our route. It is situated on the edge of the cliffs with great views, built as a memorial for those from the area who died in World War One. It purports to be an exact replica but it’s on a much smaller scale than the original, and they got the dates of construction out by a couple of thousand years, but hey it looks good!

Back in Oregon, from the Dalles where we were staying, the Columbia Gorge extends about seventy miles. So we planned to drive along the interstate, which runs alongside, literally alongside, the Columbia river, then return along the historic route 30 visiting the waterfalls along the way.

The plan worked well for a while! The day was sunny but windy as we set off, the wind having an incredible effect on the river, which with the wind was causing waves which made it look as though the river was flowing in the opposite direction. As we progressed we could see the clouds coming down. We reached Troutdale then returned as planned.

First stop was at the Vista House which is a house built right on the cliff edge with amazing views of the river gorge in each direction.

Stopping at Latourell Falls after viewing the waterfall we followed the two mile trail up to the top of the falls. It was a steep incline but a lovely walk. You could hear the sound of the river gushing down the hillside all the way, except when some clowns tried to pretend to be wolves disturbing the peace!

The top falls were gushing so much water we got a soaking as we walked past to continue the trail down the other side! There was a bit of a debate when we got to a crossroad on the trail and not sure which path to take, but we managed to choose the right one or I wouldn’t be writing this up now!

Further along we stopped at Bridal Falls, another trek but not as far or as steep, to beautiful falls.

Travelling on to the famous Multonamah Falls which was to be the highlight of the day, the road was closed. So we were directed back onto the interstate only in the opposite direction which meant a diversion of five miles each way to get back to our starting point. Frustrating but it got worse! The junction from the interstate to the falls was also closed, as was the parking spot (in the middle of the interstate). Which meant we missed the falls completely, which meant I was totally naffed off, this was the whole reason for this planned stop!

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