The Oregon Trail, Or our part of it!

The stories of hardy adventures making their way in wagon trains from the east coast to the promised land of Oregon are well told in many cowboy movies. We followed part of that trail today as we continued south towards Bend.

The road was just beautiful. We had decided on a more roundabout journey to Bend to take in the Painted Hills National Park, which turned out to be a lot longer than we had anticipated. However the landscape was so beautiful and constantly changing that we didn’t mind, although I think Amr’s arms were aching more than he was prepared to let on!

Eventually arriving at the painted hills we were treated to fantastic views of rocks and earth that look as though someone has painted them. So the long journey (and the fear of running out of petrol) was worth it.

As we neared Bend we could see beautiful majestic snow capped mountains, some with clouds sitting on them. Unfortunately there was nowhere we could stop to take a picture of them, although I tried taking a few out of the car window as we were moving! Only to find after we checked into our hotel and opening the curtains in the room, there right in front of us were the mountains!

We headed into Bend downtown for a walk around and explore and found it’s a lovely upmarket centre which was buzzing with activity on memorial weekend.

After our evening meal celebrating my forty years since I moved to Egypt, the restaurant was housed in the old fire station, the sunset was perfect and the colours of the sky afterward stunning.

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