Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

As we approached Crater Lake through the forest, the ground had more and more snow, and you could feel the air change. It looked so pretty with the snow and pine trees, as we climbed up the approach road there was more and more snow.

We stopped at the first opportunity to view the lake, and were taken aback with its beauty. What once was a volcano, erupted a couple of thousand years ago, had formed a huge steep crater, and the centre was filled with blue water from the melting snow.

We then headed to our cabin for the next couple of nights, along the road which was not only narrow, but with sheer drops at the side which had my stomach turning over.

Calling at the visitor centre en route we found that the largest part of the rim road with circles the crater was still closed because of the snow, as were most of the walking trails, which was a blow as we had looked forward to both.

Up early this morning we headed straight for the lake. We were rewarded with stupendous reflections of the crater in the still waters it was difficult to take it all in.

We walked as far as we could round the rim, crunching through the snow, and paddling in the water running off the melting snow.

Taking the car further round we found a walking path that took us further around the rim which was a beautiful path in its own right, right on the rim of the crater, more of those sheer drops! and gave us more spectacular views of the lake, although the winds were now rippling the surface of the water and the reflections disappearing.

Coming back down we sat on the wall just absorbing the beauty of our surroundings and watching the squirrels playing on the rocks.

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