Journey through the forests…

Our long journey today took us through the Plumas Forest and the Tahoe Forests. Nice reasonably straight roads with little traffic.

We stopped for a short walk to the Indian Falls and not only got good views of the falls

but some local wildlife too,

although I have to say someone moved very quickly when they saw the colourful snake, remembering that the more colourful the more dangerous!!

The route took us through many very small towns, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, some looking abandoned and others very smart little towns, albeit only a couple of buildings making up the town.

After a picnic stop under the pine trees our next need was to find a bathroom! Eventually spotting a national forest picnic spot we headed in, not only finding the loo but also a very interesting short walk describing the fate of a family who took the trail across the country during the gold rush, and their fate in this beautiful spot, in very different conditions to what we found there today.

I took pictures of the story to share.

This story was a common story of the pioneers making their way to the west of the continent.

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