Lassen Volcanic National Park, California

Taking a reluctant leave of Crater Lake we continued our southward journey,

calling in at Klamath Falls for a walk around the town, where just about everything was named Maverick! (Cowboy series when I was growing up!) stopping overnight at Dunsmuir which was pretty insignificant.

Today our whole journey was through forests, on extremely straight roads which sometimes seemed to disappear in front of us, so steep were the descents, which had the stomach rolling over big style!

We arrived at Lassen Volcanic Park and first stopped to take a walk around the lake. Whilst it’s over a hundred years since the last eruption of the volcano it is still considered active. Evidence of this was the steamy mist coming off the lake, and believe me it was cold today, two hoodies were required!

The views were mysterious, eerie, romantic and had us enthralled for the duration of our three mile walk around it.

The pine trees shedding their cones so that there were blankets of huge cones all over the floor, and yes I wanted to collect them and pop them in my suitcase, but sense and sensibility got the better of me.

There were lots of birds and fowl in evidence, Canadian Geese with their little ones, ducks and theirs, the sounds of so many birds in the trees, and chipmunks running just about everywhere!

Progressing through the park and stopping off at all the views, and getting the story of volcanos and seeing the huge multi ton boulders which were spewed out of the volcano when erupting was fascinating.

Sadly many of the trails we hoped to walk were closed because of the snow, and the main one with sulphur beds was closed for restoration. We did manage to see sulphur beds in action though, the mud bubbling up from the heat below and violently emitting the rotten egg smelling steam into the air.

At its highest point accessible by road the volcano is 8,000 feet above sea level, we had hoped to climb the trail to the top but snow covered mountains are no playground so they were closed.

Having initially planned to spend two nights here so we could do some walking we re-evaluated plans and decided to cut the stay short, having done as much as was possible already today and push on to Lake Tahoe and spend the extra night there.

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