Lake Tahoe, Nevada and California

Lake Tahoe lies right on the border between Nevada and California. Arriving from the north end of the lake we drove the east (Nevada) side to our accommodation for a couple of nights in South Lake Tahoe (California). A lot of the views of the lake were obscured by homes and businesses, all the car parks were at least $10, but eventually we passed these and had beautiful views of the lake and snow capped mountains but still nowhere to stop to enjoy the views.

Following the advice of the visitor information chap, we set of early (ish!) to Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe. Obviously everyone else had been given the same advice! There were queues of traffic as we headed there, slowed by large groups of cyclists sharing the road, then long road works with only one lane of traffic able to pass.

First stop, was at ‘inspiration view’ an overlook of the the bay and island in the middle. Lovely views but lots of people trying to get their selfies, so we headed further round and eventually found a parking spot at Eagle Falls.

The water comes raging out of the mountain and drops sharply over the edge of the rocks and cascades down the very steep incline into the lake.

We looked for the trail down to the bottom of the falls but put on the sensible head and decided realistically it was going to be too steep to get back up again!

So we headed off to Fallen Leaf Lake to follow the trail round the lake, around eight miles. Well, that was the plan! Typically American signage leaves a lot to be desired. After seeing the trailhead sign saying it was in a quarter mile, we drove a very bumpy narrow road for over a mile before deciding to turn round and go back.

We found a spot to leave the car and made our way to the lake over a field track. We found a beautiful little cove on the lake where we could enjoy our picnic. The views were lovely over the lake, which was crystal clear, until a dog suddenly appeared from nowhere frightening the life out of me!! Followed rapidly followed by it’s owner and her child, who proceeded to have great fun throw sticks into the lake for the dog, who returned to the shore to shake the cold water all over us!!

We decided to continue our walk, not the full way round the lake as it was difficult to find the actual trail, but we managed to cover about a quarter of it before we retraced our steps.

There were a few families enjoying the warm sun, hardy individuals swimming and canoeing. Lots and lots of chipmunk music running around, and woodpeckers tantalising me to catch a picture of them! Of course they won, I failed


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