Santa Barbara, California

Back in the centre of civilisation again we took the opportunity to relax, get into the holiday vibes along with everyone else in town for the weekend.

A very Spanish style town, with American grid system roads made it easy to get around.

Staying right in the centre of town we first set about exploring the oceanfront, a welcome sight after the mountains.

The ocean is a playground for visitors and locals alike. With perfectly still waters the paddle boarders moved gracefully,

the yachts however struggled out of the harbour trying to catch a breeze to fill their sails.

In the distance we could just make out the shadows of the oil rigs.

Walking along the beachside we spotted a couple of woodpeckers up in the tree,

this of course was just the time the camera decided to die on me!

As we sat on the wharf a host of pelicans flew over the top of us, so close we could almost touch them, and landed on the roof of the restaurant above us.

The town itself is so pretty, white Spanish style buildings,

beautiful purple flowering trees everywhere,

along with a number of trees new to us with stunning red flowers. The surprising and welcome thing we noticed, was the lack of tacky souvenir shops, there were a couple but not overwhelming like the usual seaside towns.

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