And so, as with all good things… our journey ends

. With a three hour wait on the tarmac before our eleven hour flight!! Just what you need. So the delay meant we missed our connection in Heathrow and were very lucky to get another flight a couple of hours after we landed so at least we would get home the same day rather than having to spend the night in Heathrow.

As with all things, having had to reorganise our taxi pick up, I had to reorganise it again when we got to know our flight, only for the driver to call before we landed and leave a voice message to call him when we were ready…. without leaving his number!!

Well, eventually, after nose to tail traffic all the way home due to the night closures on the M60 roadworks, we made it home.

A little angel had been round and stocked the fridge, and tackled the jungle (what was a garden).

So we could actually relax after arrival, after 4,800 miles, three states, seven national parks, wind, sunshine, snowy peaks, scorched valleys, barren fields, crashing oceans, lush orchards, productive oil fields, four cabins, countless motels, an excess of burgers and gallons of iced water.

Well, till we start planning our next adventure……

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