A little city break to Berlin

Well, for some time now it seems everyone we meet loves Berlin and tells us we should visit, so, we decided to give it a go.

After a chaotic start at Manchester airport, where the queue for security were just ridiculous (even going through fast track), we eventually got on our way to be told as usual the flight was delayed! I can’t remember when we’ve taken a flight from Manchester when it was actually on time!

The flight to Berlin was in a boneshaker of an aircraft, I was sure it was going to fall apart en-route, but after hitting the runway with a a bang we arrived safely. I knew we had to get the TLX express bus to Alexanderplatz but couldn’t believe our luck in that we found the bus stop, got our tickets, with a little help from a nice chap, and got on the bus and zipping into the centre of Berlin within about five minutes of getting off the plane!

Following the directions from the hotel we found it with ease, checked in, and headed off out to explore a little before this mornings early start hit us. We seem to have managed to book a hotel right in the heart of the Mitte district of the city, with easy walking access to most of the main sights. We just wandered a little, found our way around Alexanderplatz and to the river/canal and a nice restaurant where we indulged in a little local specialty.

To full for dessert we wandered back to the main square where it has to be said, Amr was very excited at recognising the location of the Bourne film, not sure which one he said, but he described the scene with amazing accuracy for one who can’t remember what he had for breakfast! On the pretence that we were looking for a chocolate shop he retraced Bournes steps into the underground station! I think I know what we will be watching again when we get home!

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