The Berlin Wall and a little history……

After a leisurely breakfast we headed towards the remaining part of the Berlin Wall still in situ.

Walking through Alexanderplatz and then along the riverside,

watching the river boats coming patiently through the lock.

After a while we had to leave the riverside as the path was consumed by buildings,

so we continued along the road where the many construction projects meant that most of our journey was through covered walkways.

I’m not sure what either of us had expected the wall to look like, but I kind of expected something perhaps, bigger, more substantial than it actually is, or was.

Walking along the wall,

along with the many other tourists who seemed to have sprung out of nowhere,

we took in the graffiti / artwork.

Some compelling,

some thought provoking,

some eerie

whilst some were just plain weird. It seemed strange to believe how the lives of the people on each side of this construction differed, for the duration of its existence, and since its destruction. I personally hadn’t realised that it had been built whilst I was a child, I suppose growing up with the knowledge of it I just assumed it had been there longer. I most certainly remember it being brought down though, nearly twenty years ago now.

As we progressed, the wall goes on for quite a good distance, and behind it for much of the way there is a substantial amount of construction work going on, adding to the kind of surreal nature of the place.

Going across to the other side of the wall, is the river where we took the weight off our feet for a while in the shade.

Strangely the tourists weren’t bothered with this side of the wall so we got clear views as we walked back to the beginning.

What we had seen got us thinking about how the wall was put there in the first place, and realisation that we actually knew little about Berlin, other than the fact that it was bombed by the RAF.

Perhaps opportune then that our return route took us past the Märkisches Museum, so after a brief stop for coffee and a snack (don’t you just love the way in Germany you get a glass of water with your coffee) we spent the next few hours on a steep learning curve about the history of Berlin. We eventually emerged back into the sunlight, with a few more questions which will probably have to be answered by google or Wikipedia!

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