Close to home… The ‘Forest’ of Bowland

Whilst we spend a lot of time away from home, today we travelled only 35 miles to meet up with family.

A miserable start to the day with rainy drizzle changed later to brilliant sunshine and blue skies, a symbol of this 2018 summer.

Our destination the small village of Waddington, near Clitheroe, with instructions to ‘park in the village and go up the cobbled street next to the post office’ to the cottage John and Sue has taken for the week. Whilst these directions seemed a little ambiguous we followed them, found a parking space opposite the post office with remarkable ease… the village being very small with little more than a couple of pubs and the said post office!

After a refreshing coffee and catch-up we took a stroll around the small village which is very pretty and remarkably colourful with flowers and hanging baskets everywhere, not showing any signs of suffering from the excessive heat we have been experiencing.

After admiring the pretty village and stream which runs right through the middle of it, we headed off to the Forest of Bowland, although any forests of trees disappeared long ago, and stopped for a walk round Stocks Reservoir.

The effects of the heat of this summer were clearly evident in the empty reservoir. Quite shocking really to think that this is the local water supply, brings it home to you that those requests not to keep the tap running whilst brushing your teeth are really needed to protect every drop of valuable water. Amr’s sprained ankle stood up well to the stroll but we decided not to risk too long a walk.

After a stop at a cafe in Slaidburn (which served scones with jam and cream which have to be close to the top of our list of best scones), we next stopped at Jubilee Tower on the Trough of Bowland for views across the moor to Morecambe Bay, the hills of the Lake District and even Blackpool Tower in the distance.

The local residents totally disinterested in our presence!

At Whitewell we followed the path past the church and down to the river to the stepping stones across the river.

The pathway was very uneven so Amr opted to watch while I made the river crossing over the 56 stepping stones, which was fun and not too difficult but obviously needed concentration not to fall between the stones and get a soaking, although with the low water level it wasn’t going to be too dangerous!

After all this excitement, fresh air and catching up what better end to the day than a good old pub meal before heading home.

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