Destination Italia

So, after an English summer at home, probably the longest time we have spent at home since Amr retired, schools are back so its for Italy we are bound.

After a period of house restoration (which started off with ‘we could do with a new bedroom carpet!!) which was hard work, although the results if I say so my self, are worth the effort! It’s time for a bit of fun.

Waiting to board and scanning the fellow passengers in the cars around us it was clear we are not the only ones with such thoughts…. and sitting here in the coffee lounge waiting to sail to Zeebrugge (Belgium) there is no one on board under retirement age – other than the crew. No screaming mothers trying to control excited kids, no high fashion outfits and huge suitcases… just comfy shoes, elastic waistbands and a newspaper for company seems to be the order of the day.

Our route will take us through familiar territories of Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany and Switzerland, the Italian Lakes before heading further south to Florence and Tuscany where we haven’t taken the car yet although we did visit Florence briefly on a med cruise.

Although unfortunately the original plan of joining up with family for the Italian part of the trip hasn’t worked out (long story) we are now using a mix of hotels and Eurocamp so at least we are getting some camping in even if its not in our own tent.

The walking shoes are packed and we are looking forwards to stretching some muscles other than the ones we strained laying flooring and painting walls!

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