Hitting the road…. Zebrugge to Strasbourg

After a smooth overnight crossing of the North Sea we arrived on time in the port of Zebrugge Belgium. Usually disembarkation is a straightforward, start the engine and head for the open road. It seems things are changing, with Brexit looming in the not to far distant future! Now all passports are checked, with no particular urgency, a subtle sign of ‘you need us more than we need you’ perhaps! So it took over forty five minutes before we were free to hit that open road.

The road was not as ‘open’ either as heavy traffic was experienced on the motorways not helped by numerous roadworks all along the way to our first overnight stop in Thionville, just south of Luxembourg. So in one day, we passed through two countries before stopping in the third!

Imagine Amr’s delight when he found that right across from the hotel was a Buffalo Grill. Where we were to eat a late lunch early dinner was a a no-brainer.

He loves this place and it’s usually a case of we pass one just at the wrong time (often just after we have eaten!). The place hasn’t changed in over thirty years since I first ate in one of these restaurants, in a similar way perhaps to Angus Steakhouse in London, they’re in a bit of a time warp, tired, outdated, but the food is still good even if the menu hasn’t changed in decades.

After a welcome early night and a leisurely breakfast we headed through the rural roads, avoiding the motorways, traffic and tolls towards Strasbourg. Whilst the journey itself was uneventful, the weather hazy, the landscape and fields are showing the change in season. The wheat has been gathered in, the fields of sunflowers now sad and dried looking down to the earth rather than up to the sun, the acres and acres of maize yellowing, we spent some time trying to decide whether there were still cobs of corn to be harvested or not, and a discussion on how they make corn oil from maize with no obvious conclusion other than to google it later.

Interesting to identify how close we are to the German border in the Alsace region by the road signs and names, very Germanic and hardly surprising as the area has changed from french to German and back again a good number of times over the years.

We arrived in Strasbourg early afternoon and after checking in to our hotel, set of to wander the ancient streets we had last seen when we visited the Christmas markets a couple of years ago, although it’s very different without the markets we recognised a number of places and found a few new ones to admire, and photograph!

Wandering and wondering where to eat dinner, we both felt that the bread in the Boulanger was irresistible,

and finding a cheese stall selling my favourite Comté cheese, dinner was sorted, with a desert of fresh figs and plums, yummy

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