Colmar, Alsace to the Black Forest Germany

Our initial plan on leaving Strasbourg was to revisit Baden Baden before heading to or campsite in Herbolzheim. However over breakfast we discussed visiting somewhere new instead of somewhere we have been a couple of times, even though we love the beautiful spa town. So we decided to head for Colmar, another one of those names you see regularly on the motorway signs but never get round to stopping at!

What a good idea! It’s a beautiful medieval town,

full of flowers still displaying their vibrant colours,

easy to walk around and plenty of parking space.

We just wandered around, the many pedestrianised streets making it easy

the only traffic to avoid being large tour groups who think they have right of way and priority over space!

The aromas of so many different types of food wafting in the air

obviously had their affect on Amr who declared himself starving.

So walking through the marche couvert

was always going to be dangerous!

After devouring the produce with his eyes his legs refused to move when we stopped at one of the market cafes until we had sat down and ordered a home made quiche and salad!

Good choice, it was a welcome rest,

perfect spot to view the market and people watch as we ate.

Blood sugar levels suitable raised, we continued our wander through the ancient tanneur district,

the petite Venice and slowly back to the car.

Our route to Herbolzheim our campsite for the next few nights, took us through rural roads and small villages, eventually crossing the Rhine into Germany. Now whilst we can make ourselves understood and comprehend a little of what’s being said in France, in Germany we don’t go beyond ‘gutten morgen’, ‘bitte’ and ‘danka chern’. Having our kids do German at school helped us little in this respect.

Our mobile home is a brand spanking new one and set in a secluded setting,

to be honest sat here we could just be in the middle of nowhere, so quiet is the site and the hedges around the large pitch mean we cant see anyone else.

We decided on a lazy day today, after all the driving and walking Amr’s injured ankle was letting him know its not yet recovered and requires a little respect.

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