Triburg Waterfalls

After a lazy day in camp we needed to get out and see a little of the Black Forest.

We planned our route through the rural roads to Triburg to see Germany’s highest waterfalls. The roads were quiet, the sun shining, the landscape beautiful.

I do love the changing seasons, even though it signifies the end of summer and shorter days longer nights, and a need for a jumper in the evenings sat outside playing board games.

We stopped a number of times along the way to see the cuckoo clock workshops and displays. Amr has always had a hankering to purchase one, reviving memories of one his mother had hung on the wall for years. I fear this may be the year he caves in!

In one place the lady gave us a teaching session on the different clocks, families which make them and their specialities, as well as the various mechanisms, those run by battery, those you pull to rewind daily or weekly. There are some magnificent clocks of all sizes, and the workmanship is incredible, as understandably are the prices.

Arriving in Triburg we were ready for coffee and just happened to stop at the cafe that holds the ‘original recipe’ to the famous Black Forest gateau,

well it would be rude not to partake of a little slice wouldn’t it!

The waterfalls offer three different routes, so we topped up the car parking fee in anticipation and set off to discover them all.

Following the waterfalls path we headed upwards, and at the first turn Amr was complaining that the path was not accurate on the map they had given us.

Trying to follow the map we eventually decided to give up and just walk. The waterfalls were pretty, but not particularly high, but they did have plenty of water in,

after the hot summer we were surprised, so in the spring it must be quite something. We wended our way down, following the ‘nature route’ which was through he woods and quite rugged,

which turned into the ‘cultural route’ which was a tarmac path with a huge cage fencing to one side, taking the culture out of the route we felt. Suddenly we found ourselves on the main road and following it back to the car park!

Have to say we felt a bit cheated on this one as we could have walked this without paying the 10 euro entrance fee!


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