Market day in Freiburg

Our journey continued today southwards to the Jungfrau Region of Switzerland and our favourite campsite at Lauterbrunnen, just south of Interlakenhoheweg, although because we head up into the mountains from Interlakenhoheweg I always feel its north!

Stopping first at the medieval town of Freiburg, we found a car park easily, just outside of the pedestrianised area of town. The central Rathausplatz was full of flowers and people just taking in the beauty of the old town hall and church.

We paused for coffee in the square and people watched and just enjoyed the relaxed autumn atmosphere.

Heading towards the cathedral I was delighted to find it was market day,

with all the colourful stall displaying their wares,

spread around the old cathedral,

which appears to be undergoing some renovations judging by the scaffolding.

The traditional buildings around the square, of which the cathedral is at the centre,

were bright and colourful as the sun shone over them.

The distinct signs of the changing seasons was evident in the vibrant colours of the flowers,

fruit and vegetables on offer,

with lots of squash and pumpkins, reminding us that Halloween is just around the corner.

The aromas wafting across the market of the ‘street-food’ stalls was irresistible. Amr (having recently discovered the google translate app) had been checking out the menu of the street stalls and found that they had on offer both beef and veal sausages, so no prizes for guessing what was for lunch?

The huge sausages were tasty and very filling, eaten on the go as we stood and watched the daily comings and goings of the market.

After our very relaxed sojourn in town we headed back to the car to continue our journey. The excitement as we approached the border of Switzerland was palpable, strange that there is such nostalgia for country borders! Something we will have to get used to again after Brexit. After purchasing our road toll ticket we headed off. The landscape changing abruptly now from flat countryside of Germany to mountains silhouetted in the distance. Another weird thing about road travel, as soon as you cross a country border, the car registrations change from the country you left to the country you’ve crossed into. Makes you wonder if theres a magic button as you cross which changes them all!

Stopping for a coffee en route we are rudely reminded of the expense of Switzerland, CHF1 to use the toilet and CHF 9 for two coffees, aargh. Good job we stocked up on food in the German supermarket before we left.

Arriving in Interlaken and heading up into the mountains towards Lauterbrunnen we noted how it had changed since our first visit, can’t remember now just how many years ago. Arriving on camp the couriers were on their day off so fortunately we knew our way around and found our tent easily. We had chosen a safari tent this time,

particularly for the location on a hill looking over the camp rather than for the tent itself, however, its huge,

and definitely ‘posh’ camping with the iron beds and loads of space. Things have moved on with the campsite too over the years. No longer the quaint relaxed campsite, commerciality has overtaken and the usp has gone. Pitches are cramped together and there are a high number of permanent caravans and cabins as well as a backpacker hostel on site.

After a walk into the village and a belated birthday dinner

we were relaxing on our porch as the lightening flashed, the thunder rolled around the valley and then torrential rain poured down.

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