Thun… Thundering waters, and reflective pools of the town and lake

What do you do on a rainy day in the mountains.. that was the question today, after waking to the sound of cow bells, rudely disturbed by helicopters taking hang gliders of for their early morning leaps of faith.

Walking in the rain was certainly not attractive, so we decided that as there appeared to be a window in the rain around lunchtime, that we would drive round the east side of Lake Thun to the town of the same name in the hope of picking up some warm pants for the evenings here!

Our safari tent comes equipped with a lovely little ‘log fire’ heater but our cotton pants just don’t work!

Despite being in this area many times, strangely we have never ventured to this side of the lake or to Thun itself before.

The rain was easing off as we drove, the clouds still very low over the mountains making beautiful patterns to be reflected in the lake. The road ran right alongside the lake,

through tunnels carved out of the rock, through pretty little alpine villages and eventually into Thun. Unfortunately the few stopping places were all on the other side of the road and usually on corners making it difficult to stop.

The town is split in two by the river inlet from the lake with an island between the two sides,

all interconnected with pretty bridges. After finding C&A and buying some warm pants we walked around the town.

The beautiful wooden bridges across the rivers had intriguing mechanisms for controlling the flow of water,

and today the blue waters were thundering through spewing up white flumes.

In the other areas the water was peaceful and crystal clear, the colourful buildings of the town reflected perfectly in them.

Sat at a pavement cafe for coffee we watched as a bride made her way to church in a horse and carriage, making a beautiful sight.

Having originally planned to return to camp by the west side of the lake, we had enjoyed the journey so much we returned the same way, as we had travelled the west side on our arrival a couple of days ago and while beautiful its not as pretty as the east side.

By now the clouds had thickened and were heavier than earlier

giving very different views over the lake,

and on this journey we could manage to stop a couple of times

to enjoy the views.

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