Bergamo Alta

Our route to Lake Garda took us through Bergamo, which sounded interesting when I read about it. Divided basically into two parts, upper and lower, or Alta and Bassa. Alta sounded the more interesting so we parked in the lower and headed upwards, using the stairs rather then cheating and using the funicular.

The narrow passageway was steep, and required a few ‘stops to admire the view’ to relieve the old lungs, but we made it! Just as it started to pour down.

Now yesterday rain was forecast and we carried raincoats round all day, without needing them. Today the forecasted rain had been and gone, so we left them in the car, aaargh.

Luckily there was a huge archway we could take shelter in, along with a number of other fellow visitors, fo the time the rain was heavy, then braving it continued upwards to the centre of this old and fascinating city.

The narrow winding cobbled streets are just what I love and the rain made them shine.

As is always our luck, there was building work going on around the Duamo which obscured the views somewhat but not too much.

There was a landscaping project going on around the squares so it looked super pretty with all the flowers.

We spent time just wandering around,

until of course all the food smells got the better of us and we stopped for focaccia, with an amazing variety of different toppings, somewhere to sit and eat, and very reasonable costs, which reminded us of why we wanted to spend time in Italy!

The views from the upper city over the lower were quite something, even in the haze you could see for miles.

So many church steeples and towers, so ornate being Italy, many with statues on top, all with at least six bells, which much be quite something to hear on a Sunday.

The sun was now winning its battle with the clouds which brightened everything up,

just as it was time for us to start heading downwards to continue our journey.


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