Circumnavigating Lake Garda

Last time we were here we visited Sirmione and Malcascine and felt we should explore the west side of the lake this time. The journey kind of hugged the lake but the view was obscured as is often the case, by buildings and trees. Along the way we drove through olive groves heading towards Limone.

Stopping briefly for a wander around Desenzano del Garda to take in the glistening lake and a cup of coffee we continued on and somehow seemed to miss the town of Limone, and didn’t see any lemon trees for which the area is famous.

The road spent a lot of time going through tunnels, a feat of engineering perhaps, but I’m sure the old road, which we could see the remains of urging the lakeside, would have been much more fun.

Stopping again in Riva del Garda at the top of the lake, a popular tourist spot,

we wandered the lanes and alleyways, tossing up for lunch or an ice cream, naturally the kids in us won and it was more liquorice ice cream.

Crossing the top of the lake and heading south down the east side the view and feel of the lake is so different. The road hugs the lakeside, with lots of beaches, being fully utilised in the hot sun, the water shimmering and sparkling and lots of windsurfers taking advantage of the breeze.

It seemed strange how one lake can feel so different on each side.

Passing Malcescine we stopped at Lazize for a walk around the lakeside

and many narrow passages before heading back.

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