San Gimignano

More winding roads through vineyards, olive groves and stunning scenery eventually led us to the ancient city of San Gimignano. Already popular, the car parks were full but we managed to find a spot at the bottom of the hill, at least it would be downhill on our return.

The views even before we entered through the city gate, overlooking the landscape below was beautiful

and it was difficult to tear ourselves away, but the city beckoned…

Tall mysterious buildings circling round and leading to the main square,

which led to another square,

and then another…

The churches and museums around every corner, busy but not as packed as Siena, the tourists were enjoying the sunshine, the views and lots of gelato!

As it was our 35th wedding anniversary I had had thoughts about an extravagant and leisurely lunch, with views reaching over the landscape,

but ended up with a takeaway slice of pizza in the street! Romantic ideas are one thing but reality of fresh pizza aromas wafting past your nose and looking sooo inviting were just too difficult to resist.

After walking round and round, taking in the views, we joined everyone else and celebrated with gelato, a double scoop of course!!

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