Autumnal colours by Lac de Joux, and a change of plan…

After an early start, despite the leisurely breakfast we set off on the slow route towards Besançon, the road was rural, agricultural and the autumn fields and colours strong. We had planned a stop by Lac de Joux as a convenient point en-route. Unbeknownst to us, it is the most beautiful lake.

We walked around part of the lake admiring the bright colours of the autumnal trees reflected perfectly in the lake waters.

The solitude and silence was palpable.

Signs around the lake showed the many walks around the area, and it was clear that the lake becomes a natural skating rink in wintertime, and oh how I’de love to return to try it out. (Not Amr’s favourite sport, or actually even one he likes, being the only sport at which I can do better than him, from years of practice at the local skating rink as a teenager!)

We walked the local village at the head of the lake, also reflected stunningly in the water,

turning to watch the fluffy white clouds also reflected beautifully,

and enjoyed a coffee with the reflections slowly fading with the movement of the water.

Arriving at Besançon early afternoon we found the town deserted.

Sunday closing is taken seriously in France, and nowhere more seriously than here.

No restaurants were open so we eventually found a bar serving the Alsace version of pizza,

but ooh so much lighter and tastier.

Setting off for our next destination of Nancy we were both in reflective mood, the road being boring motorway… An off the cuff comment about going home early, had us both thinking seriously about cutting short the next few days and heading home. The weather has changed, Amr is back in trousers! and we were both kind of feeling that with all the exciting things we had done over the last few weeks, the next few day were just biding our time till the ferry booked on Saturday.

So over a coffee in Carrefour we contacted the ferry and changed our return to the following day, cancelled the hotels, rebooked another further north which would leave us less distance to travel to Bruges before taking the ferry.

So a couple of days of long drives and here we are sat on the ferry in Zebrugge, after a delay boarding for who knows what or why.

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