So, another road trip over…..

a good nights sleep in our own comfy bed, and chance to reflect.

Trip days 28

Miles travelled Car. 2780

Miles Walked. 197

Countries visited. Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy

What we learnt this trip:

We don’t like heat and humidity

We love the mountains

September is a lovely month to be anywhere, but the nights draw in and become chilly, with crisp mornings.

Stock up on supplies and petrol/diesel before entering Switzerland as prices are much higher

Popular sights still have crowds despite schools and universities being back in swing.

Italy is a relaxed country with stunning scenery.

Ditch the car and use the train or walk the Cinque Terres.

Camping in southern Italy is probably not for us, when the temperatures at a reasonable level the campsites are closed for the winter!

Using our own tent is more work but much more comfortable and cost effective.

Don’t book hotel advance saver rates, unless a couple of days before!

The road home is better just going for it, long drives and getting home quick better than taking our time in places we’ve already visited.

We can still manage with less clothes, and shoes than we took, even though we take less and less each time we travel! Our light travel shirts and trousers purchased last trip to the USA were definitely a wise investment.

We rely way to much on the internet, which means when its sparse we are lost! Literally some times!

So bearing all that in mind, here’s to the next on, post Brexit!!

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