A Tour of the Christmas Markets… Troyes to Metz

After a superb breakfast at Angelina

(thought of you sis whilst feasting and devouring the best hot chocolate ever) we wandered around the streets of Paris taking in the damage of the previous day,

whilst the workmen were taking down the protective boards.

Not all shops/restaurants had been wise enough to board up and suffered the consequences.

We drove straight to our next destination of Troyes, beautiful medieval city,

today not so beautiful in the rain, and surprisingly, devoid of Christmas markets although there was a carousel

and a ‘bubble’ housing Father Christmas. So it was a welcome early night after another of Amr’s favourite dinners at Hippopotamus!

Moving on, we stopped at Chalons-en-Champagne

for a walk around

before getting to Metz for our overnight stay.

We walked into the city as the late afternoon sun broke through,

lighting up the cathedral.

Sadly not much could light up the lacklustre Christmas markets, or stall holders!

Although to be fair they were slightly more atmospheric after dark when the lights came on.

After being excited at sampling the wares of the markets

we ended up buying half the cheese in the fromagerie, and a huge circle of crusty bread to feast upon in our hotel rooms.

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