A Tour of the Christmas Markets….. Cologne

After a short stop at the unremarkable markets in Liège

we arrived late afternoon in Cologne,

to find the apartment we had booked actually overlooked one of the markets.

So after dumping our bags he set off to explore.

After the disappointing markets so far we were delighted that the Cologne markets came up to scratch

and brought a huge grin to Sally’s face.

It’s not for no reason that the Cologne Christmas markets are among the best in Europe.

To say we ‘grazed’ through the last few days would not be an understatement!

There was so much food on offer, that each of us wanted to try we needed a strategy….

so we must have tried just about everything on offer (seeking out the no park versions wasn’t easy).

The strategy was, one portion,

shared by the three of us,

I have to say it’s a strategy that seemed to work.

We managed to try everything we wanted to without being too stuffed or left bankrupt!

On this occasion I’m going to let the pictures do the talking….

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