Finale to our Tour of the Christmas Markets ….. Bruges

Bruges a mixture of Flemish, French with Germanic and English influences create a magical atmosphere at christmastime.

The bitter cold, heavily decorated streets and the bells ringing out christmas tunes all come together to lift the spirit, and make you appreciate the warmth indoors when venturing into the shops!

The other thing you note on arrival in Bruges is the increase in British number plates on the cars, and the English language as the predominant one in the streets.

The christmas markets are small but Christmassy,

focussing on Christmas decorations and accessories, with of course the obligatory mulled wine, but the heady aromas here are those of chocolate rather than wine!

Reluctantly we tore ourselves away,

intending to stock up on treats from Carrefour en route to the overnight ferry. Not a good plan, France is definitely the place for stocking up,not Belgium!

So onwards to the ferry which for once was a very quick boarding process, now hoping for a smooth trip before hitting the motorway for home in the morning

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