New year, new trip… Switzerland by rail (and bus, and boat)

When Christmas is over, the new year has been heralded in, and the house looks bare after all the decorations have resumed their place in the loft for another year… what’s there to do but start the year off the way we mean to continue.

So we packed our bags and off we set, this time with Sally in tow, to explore Switzerland in the snow (well we have fingers crossed for snow!).

We flew into Basel and somewhere on the train journey to Zürich Sally asked if there wasn’t an airport in Zurich! Now I know it made sense when we booked our flights but for the life of me I can’t remember why we chose Basel over Zürich! Things didn’t look much better for me when on planning our route from the train station to the hotel… it had moved from where we had seen it on our last visit to a mile and a half from the station. Well, let’s face it we needed to stretch our legs a little after the flight and train journey and I think I was forgiven when I noted that the hotel restaurant was serving non-alcoholic fondue.

After a huge breakfast we decided that actually we needed to work off some of it, so walked back to the station, leaving our bags in the oh so convenient luggage lockers, which allowed us to explore Zürich

in the sunshine

before heading back to the station

for our journey to our home for the next three nights in Vitznau.

Arriving by bus in Vitznau we were met by our Airbnb host who took us to his delightful appartment, right on the lakeside.

Amr decided that he may just sit by the lake for the next few days it looked so relaxing.

Naturally he’s not going to get the chance as after a trip to the supermarket and a tasty dinner, Sally devoured the tourist info for the area and worked out our exercise plan on Mount Rigi for said days! We’ve already racked up 26 kilometres in two days, so watch out hiking boots!

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