Switzerland 2019 Mt Rigi

Mt Rigi

After a breakfast feasting on a Swiss traditional Fete de Rois (feast of the kings – which celebrates Epiphany), and Amr being the one to find the small statue of the king, therefore entitled to wear the crown all day! we were well set up for the day. Even more so when we looked out of the window to see that the perfectly clear morning had changed rapidly to gentle falling snow.

Catching the cog railway up to Rigi visibility declined, snow increased and by the time we got to the top Rigi Klum the wind was picking up the snow and causing a fierce blizzard. The beautiful views were totally obscured by the clouds and the short walk around the top was brought to an abrupt halt when, after struggling up the sharp icy incline, the path was closed! So an about turn, down said ice, which managed to knock Amr off his feet, but he came up smiling so no damage!

After a warming coffee and a perusal of the map we decided to take the second train route down to Klösterli and take the ‘gentle’ walk to Kaltbad where we could take the cable car to Weggis.

Alighting from the train and the pathway not clear Amr asked the lady the directions. She told us there were two paths, one short and steep, one longer but flat…… The ‘flat’ one won and off we went, the path getting higher and higher as we went. To cut a long story/walk short we ended up going via Understetten, and First before we got to our destination. Tough walking through the deep powdery snow, but although exhausting we loved it. We arrived just in time to catch the hourly cable car which with Swiss precision meant we caught the bus in Weggis to our appartment with only a couple of minutes wait.

A quick shop for food supplies and after a well earned lunch of cheese fondue we all collapsed on the very comfortable sofa and watched the snow fall over the lake. Although we had only walked 11.5 kilometres it felt so much more with the snow and the uphill trail.

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