Switzerland by rail (and bus and boat). Lucerne

With low clouds hanging over Mt Rigi we knew there was little point in trying to get some panoramic pictures

so we opted for taking the boat across the lake to Lucerne for a visit, the boat station conveniently being just a few yards from our accommodation.

The boat was a brand spanking new one and we managed to get seats right at the front, with what would have been great views, except for the rain covered windows!

Less than an hour later we were in Lucerne

and set off for a stroll around the river and across the famous bridges.

Fortunately some of the ancient pictures were saved from the fire which ravaged the bridge a few years ago

The rain was constant but not heavy as we made our way to the glacier garden. The garden a fascinating insight into glacier and rock formations thousands of years ago, with detailed exhibits in the museum.

For a little light entertainment there is an intriguing Hall of Mirrors, themed on the Alhambra Palace in Grenada

it was difficult to know what was a mirror

and what was reality as we cautiously made our way through the maze. Once outside again we had a few hilarious moments playing with the trick mirrors.

Wandering back through the old town we made our way to the chocolate shop

and watched open mouthed as the chocolate flowed – literally- down the wall. There was nothing else for it to try the hot chocolate

and it was truly delicious.

All too soon it was time to catch the boat back, an older boat this time but we still managed to get seats up front, and the waitress explained all the sights to us along the way.

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