Switzerland by rail, bus and boat.. Chur

After many changes of bus and train which, with Swiss punctuality all joined together seamlessly with no hanging around on cold and windy stations, we arrived at our hotel in Chur, dropped the bags and walked into the centre.

Apparently the oldest town in Switzerland, the old town is encircled by adjoining houses with the odd gate to gain access. The winding streets go in circles and intertwine inside the protective wall of houses.

Elaborate and decorative many show the age of the building with the date proudly on the wall.

Individual shops abound,

unlike shoppers who seem to have deserted the old town for the new one.

Waking to snow lightly dancing down, and heavy clouds not just over the mountains but almost down to the ground we took a leisurely breakfast in the hope of them lifting somewhat. It was not to be, we took the cable cars up to Brambrüesch

seeing little but the snow laden trees beside us.

At the top we walked around the winterweg. After great debate as to which was the starting point of the circular walk we headed off in what we thought was the right direction.

The dry snow falling thickly we crunched our way through very deep snow, through the trees and up the increasing incline.

Snowballs, snowfalls from the heavily laden branches, and hilarity when one of us ended up in snow deeper than we expected as we walked. Visibility was poor but we could still see far enough to know we were on the pathway and admire the beauty of the trees and some of the landscape

Stopping at one point to consult the map, each of us decided we were at a different point on the route. Maddeningly as we proceeded it transpired that Amr had been correct and we were walking in the opposite direction to what we thought! He ended up on his back in the snow for his smugness!

As we neared the end of the route, weary from trudging through the deep snow, visibility was reduced further, the path unclear and we couldn’t orientate ourselves other than the sound of the ski lift to our left. Fortunately we came to the right place and rewarded ourselves with hot soup and fresh bread before making our descent down the mountain again, through even thicker cloud so it was very eerie not being bale to see anything outside of the cable car

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