Switzerland by rail, bus and boat…. Zermatt

We woke with excitement as our journey today was to be on the Glacier Express, traversing The passes which other trains can not, and the promise of spectacular views.

Imaging my dismay on opening my emails to find that the route was not running today because of a storm in the pass. Dismay at not getting our special treat turned to angst when we realised we were going to have to travel half way around Switzerland to get to Zermatt for our overnight stay. Thoughts of cancelling our Zermatt stop went out of the window when I checked the cancellation policy and realised we would lose the cost of the night! So we ended up going via Zürich taking almost the same time the Glacier Express would have done but without the spectacular views.

After all the snow in Chur we were surprised that there was none to be seen in Zermatt, the temperature though was minus 8 C and the iced waterfalls we saw along the route from Visp to our destination were beautiful.

A walk round town, dinner of raclette and rosti, followed by chocolate fondue then a good nights sleep we woke ready to tackle the Matterhorn. So was everyone else we realised as we got to the cable car and it was packed with skiers and snowboarders keen to get on piste.

As we rose, the views were fabulous, everything white and pristine in the bright sunshine, something we haven’t seen for a while. The temperature also continued to drop, from minus 11 c in town to minus 22 at the top of the mountain. Notices stated that children under 9 years were not allowed up because of the cold. And boy was it cold. Even dressed in layers of thermals it managed to sleep through, and of course you still need to see so your face takes the brunt of it. Poor Amr had a frozen moustache, which looked pretty but I’m told was not comfortable!

We braved the cold climbing up to the panorama viewpoint and took in the magnificent 360 degree views,

enough time to admire the views,

take a couple of pictures to prove we did it, then headed down to the Glacier Paradise to actually enter the glacier

and see the ice carvings on display.

It was actually warmer inside the glacier!

Coming down the cable cable cars we watched the skiers and snowboarders

whizzing down the slopes

before stopping for a magnificent mug of hot chocolate before catching the train to Mörel where we are staying for three nights

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  1. Wonderful write up. I was in Zermatt during summer so would love to visit when it is covered with snow. Can’t believe you went all the way up the Kline Matterhorn. It was freezing in summer so can’t even imagine how it must have felt in winter. Cheers!


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