Switzerland by rail, bus and boat (not forgetting cable car!)…. Interlaken /Lauterbrunnen

As we neared Interlaken the heavy snow of Morel turned to sleet, the landscape greener, then rain as we arrived. The hotel we had booked, wasn’t the one I thought it was (Need to take more time in my research!!), however its a lovely hotel and if the clouds would lift we would have a clear view of the Jungfrau. It was too miserable to do much, we got soaked strolling into town for lunch so decided to hole up in the hotel till dinner, or the rain stopped! Dinner came first and was delightful.

Awaking to more clouds but less rain we headed up to Lauterbrunnen on the train to do our favourite walk from Grutschalp to Mürren, but as we got off the cable car we saw that the walk was closed because of the danger of avalanche. So we had to get the train to Mürren instead.

By now it was snowing heavily so everywhere looked so pretty,

well what we could see!

We walked through the village,

twice, having thought to walk down to Gimmelwald station but the walk was also closed.

So we headed down on the cable car to Stechelberg and walked along the valley back to Lauterbrunnen.

It was a lovely walk, watching the frozen waterfalls,

the occasional small avalanches which sounded incredible,

we could only imagine how deafening a full blown avalanche would sound.

We hoped we would never learn but as the avalanche alert was at Red 5 which is the highest alert there was always the possibility.

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