Great Lakes Road Trip: Manitoulin Island to Sault St Marie

The sun was shining as we made our way off the island through the old single lane bridge at Little Current.

The small islands to either side of the road were much more interesting than what we had seen on the island, maybe the sunshine made a difference!

Joining the Trans Canadian Highway there were so many small lakes along the way. Arriving in ‘Soo’ we headed across the road from our hotel to the boardwalk on the riverfront and looked across to the USA, joined to Canada by a long bridge. We resisted the urge to drive across, ‘just because we could’ and walked along the boardwalk which was freezing, before heading into the adjacent mall and food.

After a lazy start, we had an interesting chat to the breakfast guy (he obviously picked up on our accents and regaled us with his family history spreading from Aberdeen Scotland to Farnham Surrey)

Having been unable to find much to do in our day in town we decided to follow the Hub Trail,

which (supposedly) takes you round the interesting parts of the town in 22 kilometres. Started of well on the boardwalk,

was going ok and we stopped of at the Ermatinger-Clergue National Historic Site

and learned about the war of 1812 and the division of lands. Continuing on the trail led us along the side of the main road and seemed to be doing the same for most of the route. We found a Tim Hortens after about six kilometres and over a coffee decided to make our way back to the main town.

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