Great Lakes Road Trip: Lake Superior Circle Tour: Wawa to Pic River/Marathon

The sunshine even had a hint of warmth as we left our log cabin this morning. Heading slightly inland still following the Trans Canadian Highway, we passed many lakes, both large and small, in the main the air was so still the water was like a mirror

reflecting the trees and rocks surrounding the lakes. We are now more or less in wilderness with only the odd sign of habitation, a few construction sites working on the roads, and to our great excitement we saw not just one, nor even two, but actually three different mouse by the side of the road! The first we couldn’t believe, the second thought we hit the jackpot, and the third we were in awe at our luck! Unfortunately we were driving on the highway with other traffic around (albeit only the odd truck) but not sufficiently safe to slow down for me to grab the camera so they will stay in our memories if not the photo album.

Having seen the story of how my childhood favourite Winnie the Pooh ‘began’ in White River I had high hopes as we were passing through.

Well, I got a picture of him up a tree and saw the faded notices for the annual Winnie the Pooh Festival held in August….. and in a blink of the eye we had passed White River.

We passed a couple of stopping spots along the way, all closed for the season. We soon arrived at Pic River, where the plan was to do some walking in Pukaskwa National Park, well that was the plan, and the reason we had booked accommodation in Pic River to be close by the park. Yet another ‘closed for the season’ even though I had checked the website before making the plans!

So we headed further into Marathon, quite a large community on the lakeside. After coffee and a snack at Happy Cafe we found Pebble Beach.

We still can’t quite get our heads round the fact that it’s a lake and not a sea. The ‘pebbles’ are huge and not just line the shore but extend into the lake, how far we couldn’t establish. The lakeside was also strewn with tree trunks

a reminder to the savage weather the lake can experience.

We were fascinated by the size and colours of the pebbles, we would call them stones, and they would look wonderful in my rockery garden!

Finding our accommodation, we relaxed

looking out at the Pic River flowing rapidly at the end of the property.

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