Great Lakes Road Trip: Lake Superior Circle Tour: Tofte to Ashland Wisconsin

After an interesting discussion at breakfast with other guests and the owner, over the best scrambled eggs we’ve ever had away from home, we set off southwards following the North Shore Scenic Drive.

We soon stopped at Cross River

as the waters rushed towards us by the roadside.

Further along was Sugarloaf Cove, a short walk from the car park through the woods we found the trail

which wound around and back out to the rocky shoreline of the lake,

it was mesmerising just sitting on the rocks watching the waves lapping the rocks in the sunshine.

Following the trail we went down onto the pebbly beach

and out onto the promontory,

noting the iron circles which once held ships ropes.

Stopping at Split Rock Lighthouse we decided not to do the tour and save the entrance fee for something else.

Just a little further along the road was a viewpoint where we got a picture of the lighthouse without the fee!

Our next stop was for Betty’s Pies. we had read about them, heard from other guests at the hotel about them, so we just had to try them! We were not disappointed, the meat pasty was full of chunks of beef, my apple caramel crunchy top pie one of the best (and to be fair I’ve eaten a few apple pies!)

Driving into Two Harbours we were excited to see a small herd of deer on the front garden of one of the houses,

they didn’t seem perturbed by our presence – until I got the camera out then of course they decided to leave!

We found the lighthouse resplendent in the bright sun,

and walked out to the beacon point

in the bracing wind. Driving out of town we noted its a nice little place and so interested were we looking at the various buildings and shops we were miles away when I realised we had forgotten to get our Circle Route stamp.

We made our way into Duluth and parked by the waterfront

and enjoyed the lakeside walk

to the old downtown area, only to discover it was a building site, they have the whole road up and it didn’t look encouraging to explore any further so we returned back to the car.

We noticed intriguingly, a number of people digging in the pebbles, obviously looking for something, and finding it judging by the full bags they had. I would have loved to ask what they had been looking for.

We headed out of town and into Wisconsin where our only stop on route to our hotel was at the information centre for some info and maps for the next stage of our journey, something we have found the USA does so well.

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