Great Lakes Road Trip : Lake Superior Circle Tour: Ashland Wisconsin to Houghton Michigan

Having made straight for Ashland from Duluth, today was the day to visit the Apostle Island on the first running of the Grand Tour Cruise of the season. Well as with all plans, the weather decides what you will do, and heavy rain obviously isn’t conducive to cruising. So we lingered over breakfast watched the rain bouncing, the waves of the lake crashing and hoped for the best as we set off in the direction of Bayfield.

One thing that struck us as we first saw the lake from this side, is the colour of the water. The water on the north side was crystal clear, this side is muddy brown, such a contrast. There were signs of spring everywhere, green leaves on the trees, daffodils on the grass and yellow wildflowers everywhere.

At last the weather took pity on us for the time it took to walk around the streets of this pretty town,

with lots of interesting shops,

which I am sure will be delightful in summertime. We then just had to take refuge in the cutest coffee shop, with an appropriate name… Gale Force Coffee!

Obviously designed for customers to dally, the tables had games on them to keep you occupied, it being FA Cup final at home Amr took advantage of the opportunity to watch just a little of it while we drank our coffee.

Driving through the rain we stopped in Cornucopia, such a lovely name, such a small place. There was evidence of the cruelty of the lake

in the few boat wrecks on display by the beach.

We stopped and braved the rain to look around Ehlers traditional store, another one of those that has anything you can imagine you may need, and some!

On our return we visited the Great Lakes Visitor Centre and learnt more interesting facts about the lake from lots of different aspects.

We had dinner for the second night in the same Ashland Family Restaurant, not often we do this as we like to try as much variety as we can, however, the ambiance, the staff and the food were so good. Absolutely huge portions and a very good price, who could ask for more.

After dinner we took a look at the many Murals for which the town is renowned,

then watched the lake

as it was clearly building up for a storm.

Waking to torrential rain and wild winds didn’t bode well for our journey today, nor did the visitor centre being closed help with my circle tour stamp collection! The rain got heavier, the wind wilder and then the snow joined the party!

Passing into Michigan we stopped at the visitor centre, truth to tell the wind blew us in! Has a very interesting conversation there with the staff who asked about Brexit and was it really true that the UK were short of food and supplies, we reassured them that as yet there are no shortages, but who knows what will happen in the coming months!

This has to have been pour most dismal day of our trip so far. We passed through Ontonagon,

which looked like the town the world forgot.

Eventually we reached Houghton and decided it was time for a good pizza and and early night, with every hope that the weather tomorrow will improve.

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