Great Lakes Road Trip: Lake Superior Circle Tour: Houghton to Munising

The sunshine greeted us when we woke, and stayed with us most of the day, such a difference to yesterday. We took a short walk along the Bridgeview Park

and back through the Main Street

before heading east towards Munising.

Following the canal before rejoining Lake Superior the road stuck by the lake much of the way before heading inland as we made our way to Marquette for our first stop. It appeared to be a large town on approach, lots of large stores on the approach, but the downtown area was a bit of a letdown. We took a short walk by the water,

round the area that seemed to be downtown but didn’t have much of interest to offer.

We had read the Sugarloaf Mountain was a ‘must do’ thing to climb. So we went north to visit and take the trail. There was a sign saying difficult or easy route,

so naturally we took the difficult….

The difficulty was in finding the trail.

It kept petering out. We weren’t the only ones with the same problem, there were other people asking us where the trail was.

So we made our way back down, feeling we had wasted our time. So we continued our journey.

There are quite a few areas where you can pull off the road and view the lake,

which was becoming more blue than brown as we progressed.

We had been recommended a visit to Lakenland Sculpture Park, and although Amr wasn’t really that keen on stopping we really enjoyed the quirkinesses of the place.

We had it entirely to ourselves

which was a bit surreal,

but the sculptures from old scrap metals were intriguing and fun.

I got very excited as we passed the town sign for Christmas! Who knew there was a town actually called Christmas!

Of course there was a queue of traffic behind us so we couldn’t stop to pose against the sign,

but it was weird with huge Father Christmas statues everywhere.

Arriving in Munising we were bemused, there’s not much here and we couldn’t see anywhere to eat! So checking into our motel we asked about where to eat…. ‘well it’s a case of who’s open, they close up if it’s cold!’ we were told. They suggested a burger place, so we drove back through town seeing if we could see anything we fancied… we didn’t… but we did find the burger place. Wishing we hadn’t we ploughed our way through tasteless fat dripping concoctions.

We walked down to the cruise pier as there was a cruise due out which we though we might as well take today rather than tomorrow as we were here. Unfortunately the days cruises to the Pictured Rocks were cancelled due to weather! Weather? It’s lovely even if it is cold! Anyway we booked for tomorrow so have our fingers crossed for the weather, again

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