Great Lakes Road Trip: Glen Lake, Michigan to 1000 Islands Ontario

Continuing southwards we stopped at Arcadia to climb the observation point for the views of Lake Michigan,

well we got our steps in if not the anticipated views!

Following the lakeside we came off the main road to pass through a number of towns en-route,

the prettiest being Pentwater which had a real holiday feel place, we didn’t stop but wished we had later.

Arriving in Muskegon, larger and less exciting than we had anticipated,

we found a nice restaurant by the harbour to enjoy a slow early dinner.

The next day was spent on retail therapy, well you have to have some! Although the continuing downfall of the British pound didn’t help us.

Crossing back into Canada at Port Huron,

another less than exciting town, more traffic than we have seen for a month as we made our way eastwards, we arrived late afternoon at Mississauga

in time for another early dinner and an early night.

Our hotel was right on the highway, hence the earplugs in the room! Amr seemed to enjoy watching the antics of the traffic more than he has enjoyed the lake views we’ve had in previous rooms! Traffic was very heavy as we passed north of Toronto, there don’t seem to be any traffic rules, or any enforcement of speed limits either. Signage was also confusing… trying to find the correct route, there a chance of ‘express’ or ‘communities’, how the heck do you know where you’re going! Anyway with the help and sometime hindrance of dear Emily (the sat nav) we managed our way through, turning off to pass through Durham, Whitby, Darlington and many other place names so familiar! Anywhere close to Lake Ontario is shrouded with cloud, and as we passed field we saw the steam rise no from the ground, quite strange particularly as it wasn’t even hot, or was the sun shining.

We came off the mainland to drive through Prince Edward County, which is beautiful, so pretty with the old style houses,

Dutch barns, lilac and cherry trees in blossom, and very few people. Again,

next to the lake the low clouds obscured the views.

To come off the island we took the short ferry ride across

and saved ourselves miles (or kilometres as we are in Canada

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