Great Lakes Road Trip: 1000 Islands to Massena New York USA

Our day didn’t have the best start when we tried to access the Observation Tower for views of the islands…

I’ll give you a clue.. we’re in Canada… yep, it was closed! The lady in the gift shop told us they were waiting for a part for the elevator, however the notice in the window looked like they’d been waiting a while!

Not to be deterred, we came of the highway and explored Wellesley Island as far as we could. The views of the river were lovely,

the 1000 Island Park community at the end of the island is a beautiful place.

Their transport system is golf buggies, and there is no parking for the odd visitor who strays into the park. However we found a cafe and ordered a coffee which meant we could use the car park, then had a walk down to the river

to see the devastation the highest water levels they have ever experienced had caused.

We continued across the bridge back into the USA and New York State.

Parking just after the border we walked back over the bridge for views of the islands this side. It’s a high bridge,

with only a narrow pathway for pedestrians, which shook every time a juggernaut passed. There was a huge tanker passing down the river as we were on the bridge,

reminding us that this is the main passageway from the Atlantic to the Great Lakes.

Heading in the opposite direction to our hotel for the night, we drove to Cape Vincent to see the lighthouse. And basically after 45 minutes that’s all there was.It was a pretty road, lots of mobile home parks on the way and an abandoned lighthouse at the end.

Turning round and driving in the correct direction, passing the bridge back to Canada, we soon came to Alexandria Bay.

Well with a name like Alexandria naturally we had to stop. Whilst it was nothing like its namesake where Amr was born, it was a nice small little place,

with lots of restaurants and shops. The high water levels were evident,

but the little harbour looked like it would be a delightful place to be in the summer months.

We had seen lots of people walking the street with ice cream, so naturally we had to join them. Wow, they were huge, and I mean huge.

Quite a variety of different flavours we haven’t seen before so we tried a few…

The drive was pretty, we saw quite a few deer by the roadside,

and stopped at the roadside stops

quite a few times to view the small islands as we went.

Arriving in Massena, chosen only as a convenient stopping off point before heading southwards to the Adirondacks tomorrow, we had another early diner before a stroll round the town. It looks like it closed for business, quite some time ago and no-one remembered to shut the door!

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