Great Lakes Road Trip: Massena to Lake Placid, The Adirondacks NY

Today we had a target… Amr wanted to watch the European Cup Final at 3pm. So there was to be dilly-dallying en-route to ensure he got his football fix (having missed so many end of season matches already).

The route took us south, away from the Great Lakes and into the Adirondacks and at last, some mountains.

Lots of livestock along the way, we even saw sheep for the first time, and wow, a bison ranch,

loved the way they looked at me as we stopped at the roadside to take a picture- a definite ‘who do you think you’re looking at’ look!

At Waverley we watched the St Regis River surging over the dam.

We passed lots of smaller lakes, at Santa Carla they were so calm

the trees were mirrored perfectly.

Making exceedingly good time, we stopped at Saranac Lake.

There was a local Farmers Market being held on the green next to the lake, where locals were displaying there various wares.

Not many fruit and veg, a lot of arty stuff. As we stopped and looked at the map of the town, a lady wearing her name badge and ‘local legislator’ stopped to chat to us. Keen to here where we were from, and to make suggestions as to what we should see/do while in town. After stopping for coffee in the local cafe, full of locals we couldn’t resist sampling the food even though we had already had breakfast! We took the lady legislators advice and found the river walk and followed it through the back of the town, it was actually a boardwalk over the river.

Arrived no in Lake Placid we found our hotel and were way too early to check in, didn’t stop Amr trying though, he wanted to be sat in the room to watch the match. No luck, so we wandered around town, exploring what it has to offer and found a real holiday atmosphere in the busy town, with lots of small shops and restaurants.

Eventually we managed to get our room, and wow, having expected to watch the match on his iPad we discovered that the match was actually being broadcast on tv. I can’t tell you how happy that made him.

I set about reading what we could do over the next three days, our longest stay on the trip hoping to get some walking in at last. Fortunately as everyone will know by now Liverpool won, or was it just Mo Salah😉 That meant we could go and try one of the restaurants we had seen earlier for dinner. We were lucky enough to get a table outside in the warm evening, with such amazing views it didn’t matter what the food was like!

However our luck was in and the food was as good as the views

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