Great Lakes Road Trip: The Adirondacks : Tupper Lake

Setting off armed with maps and information we headed toward Tupper Lake and The Wild Centre. Having checked the weather forecast we knew the likelihood of rain was great so had chosen somewhere with both inside and outside activities.

We were pleasantly surprised at how good the centre was Museum as well as outdoor trails and a walkway above the trees. The museum was fascinating although I don’t think I would actually have called it a museum. It had a fascinating series of displays and interactive stuff starting with the ice age and how nature interacts and depends on itself to survive. One display had you put your hand over the landscape to see how the rainfall fell and was channeled, sounds boring but it was fascinating.

Another, a huge sphere showing the suns activity.

There were huge water tanks with different types of fish from the area, and all sorts of bugs and stuff.

Outside one of the trails took us to the tree canopy walk, we were like a couple of kids on an adventure playground!

It was fascinating and also had lots of information as you went around.

Unfortunately the rain which had held off till now started, we continued the trail to the lake,

and it got heavier, and heavier, so we made our way back to the central building to dry off. We wandered around the displays again, seeing stuff we hadn’t noticed before. Then as the rain eased up a bit we ventured outside again following a pond trail,

then though the iforest. We had heard strange music/sounds as we had been outside but not really known what it was,

now we understood that it was a sound system in the woods, I though it was strangely relaxing and spiritual, Amr though it was just a noise drowning out the birdsong, just an example of how everyone will interpret the experience different!

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