Great Lakes Road Trip: The Adirondacks : climbing mountains

We felt we were cheating a bit by driving the veterans memorial highway to the top of Whiteface Mountain, but it’s the highest mountain in the Adirondacks!

The sun was shining as we drove higher and higher, stopping along the way at the overlooks of the landscape below, and catching glimpses of the summit.

As we sat gazing out over the trees we reaffirmed that the mountains are where we love to be, best of anywhere. Too soon we were at the end of the road, and the air which had been getting colder as we got higher, now was icy and more powerful. Getting out of the car we soon had on all the hoodies and coats we have!

Making our way past the building they call a castle.. come on we have proper castles in England, this one is a stone building. We started up the steps, higher and wow the wind was really whipping around us.

The stairs finished and we were climbing higher on rocks,

there were iron handrails each side, but in places it felt very insecure in the wind, I felt I was going to be blown over in parts. We were almost at the summit, when my wind ran out, I couldn’t fight against the wind which was so strong, and the snow (yes I said snow, and yes I know it June!) had started

so reluctantly we made our way back down, quicker than we had climbed up.

Entering the ‘castle’ the air was warm and the coffee welcome! As we walked back to the car the snow was coming down with a vengeance.

As we got to the bottom of the mountain the snow turned to heavy rain which persisted for the rest of the day, so we resorted to the hotel pool for the afternoon.

Waking to sunshine we had our fingers crossed that our plan to walk the trail on Pitchoff Mountain to the Balanced Rocks for the views over Cascade Lakes would be rain free.

We found the trail and headed upwards, quite steeply for a while before it evened out a little.

Then up, and down…. It was so quiet and we were the only ones on the mountain it seemed.

We took a few side trails to climb rocks and see the views, so many tones of green it unbelievable.

The trail became tricky n parts, climbing over rocks and Amrs bionic knees held up well. Until that is, we came to a rock which defeated them.

A couple of walkers came up the trail as we pondered whether there was any other way around the rocks. They kindly offered to go slightly further around the rocks to see if there was a way around. They confirmed that there wasn’t a better way so we made the sensible decision to admit defeat and return back down the mountain.

We stopped at some rocks over looking Cascade Mountain and the lake and enjoyed the peace, ironically having an internet conversation with friends in Egypt as we sat in the sunshine.

We continued further along the road heading to Keene enjoying the pretty views and coming across the Adirondack Cafe which was very popular and the aromas coming out of the kitchen were enticing but we could only manage a cinnamon bun between us to wash down the delightful coffee.

The road back was pretty

and we made a couple of stops along the way

before wandering the shops in Lake Placid and being unable to resist ice cream from Emma’s Creamery, and then the rain started, and didn’t stop

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