Great Lakes Road Trip: Maine Route 1 south, homeward bound…

We couldn’t resist a trip up to Cadillac Mountain before we left Mount Desert Island, strangely we haven’t been up in the daytime, only for the sunset, and today’s cloudless sky was too much to resist.

The 360 views from the top are incredible, as thought also by the four cruise ship passengers who were also in port today!

One couple asked us to take a photo of them, happens quite often, chatting afterwards she was proud to tell us her husband and son were in England at the D-Day beaches!

Reluctantly we took our leave, despite having said last time we were here that it would probably be our last visit we both feel sure that we will be drawn back here again, there is definitely something which pulls us back to this small part of the world.

Heading south we stopped in Camden, where Peyton Place was filmed all those years ago.

It’s picture perfect in the bright sunshine, busy with day trippers waiting for boat trips.

Our overnight stop in Boothbay Harbour was designed to enable us to have dinner at The Lobster Dock (for Amr) and an ice cream desert (for me!). After checking in to our hotel for the night and taking in the views of the harbour from the deck outside our room,

we set off to walk to the Lobster Dock the other side of the harbour.

Imagine our dismay when we found that it had closed down! Not to be beaten in our pursuit of lobster we walked further to another restaurant on the water, talk about confusing, you ordered lobster at one place, seafood at another, and drinks at yet another place! Non of the staff were particularly helpful but the food turned out to be ok,

and we watched a little Asian lady fishing of the Dock as she caught one squid after another, guess we know what she was having for dinner!

And I got my ice cream fix so everyone was happy!

Our second overnight stop en route home was at Kennebunk.

We stopped at Kennebunkport and after browsing the small arty shops had late lunch early dinner at The Clam Shack.

I just love these rustic shacks, where fish products are fresh from the sea,

cooked to order and you find a seat in the sunshine to devour the most delicious fried scallops and shrimps.

After a lazy breakfast we headed to Kittery for a little last minute shopping before dropping the car back and checking in for our flight home. Timing was amazingly perfect. Then as we boarded…. another upgrade to business class and hoping for a decent flight


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