Cornwall: Stithians (Agricultural) Show

Having seen the signs advertising this annual show we thought we should give it a try. Amr wasn’t too sure as the traffic snaked slowly for about three miles to get into the car park, but we persevered! Obviously very popular the car parks were full and the overflows filling up quickly, we did wonder if we would ever find the car again as we made our way to the entrance. Despite lots of people the queue for tickets went down very quickly and Amr demanded sustenance before he would look at anything. Naturally, being a Cornish event, there was only one thing on our agenda….

Primarily an agricultural show the aim of the event is for farmers to showcase their animals, competitiveness being strong.

Alongside this local people compete for various categories such as cakes, pies, crafts etc. I remember opening my first bank account with my winning for coming first with my ‘four fairy cakes’ at Stokesley Show many years ago!

In addition many local businesses showcase their wares,

both agricultural and others. The Showground was huge and lots of people were enjoying the sunshine and activities.

We wandered without a definite plan

and started with the sheep.

I never knew there were so many strange varieties of sheep.

A falconer had a display of birds,

the blacksmith was showing how to craft with metal,

and signs of the times there was a lady blacksmith too.

A competition for Cornish Wresting was going on as we walked round, never knew there was such a sport, but obviously there is judging by the number of cups and trophies on display. Sensitivity stopped me taking pictures of the young competitors.

So many varieties of goats too,

Amr was imagining the BBQ at this point!

One little pigmie kid goat for some strange reason reminded me of Cleo our Bichon it was so sweet.

The display of steam engines had me remembering my Grandad

who was an agricultural contractor with his steam traction engine.

Vintage cars were a popular item with their owners enjoying the sun and adoration of onlookers.

Watching the dog show was hilarious as many of the dogs decided they were more interested in those watching their antics than completing the course, much to the disgust of the owners!

En route to the exit, by this time we were exhausted from the walking and the heat,

we found the cattle, such big cows and bulls

who found the whole thing a bit boring by the look of it.

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