Cornwall: Padstow

Continuing our ‘research project’ to find the best fish n chips we just had to make a visit to Rick Stein in Padstow. Eschewing the long line to eat indoors, knowing that they taste best eaten in the open air, we headed for the takeaway short queue.

The seagulls tried hard and noisily to get a share, but there was no way either of us were going to share, what turns out to be the best fish and chip combo we’ve had in Cornwall this time.

Meaty flaky cod, proper chip shop chips fried in beef fat, delicious.

To work off the calories we made our way, through the harbour and up to the cliff path along to the ‘lower beach’.

The views from up here of the estuary are beautiful at low tide and we relaxed and watched the world go by

beside the poignant sculpture of a soldier next to the war memorial.

The wheat is ripe and was being harvested as we made our way down to the beach.

Now, normally getting Amr onto a beach for anything other than fishing is a no no.

Today however he indulged me and we had a beautiful walk along the beach,

a very quick paddle in the freezing water,

and lots of fun

making footprints in the sand.

As we progressed the tide was obviously turning so it was time to turn back ourselves.

We sat on the rocks and watched a group of youngsters having a great football game, till a little pug dog took the ball and had great fun wanting to join in. Hilarious how these big guys were frightened to tackle the dog for the ball, while everyone else on the beach was in stitches laughing!

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