Scotland and the North Coast 500: The high road to Loch Lomond

As the song goes we’re taking the high road to Loch Lomond..

The day didn’t get off to an auspicious start with pouring rain as we packed the car for our couple of weeks in Scotland with Sally.

The plan is to do the North Coast 500, Scotland’s answer to Route 66 but rather less known. Along with driving the narrow roads we hope to get in lots of walking, however the weather forecast is not in our favour, with torrential rain and winds from the tail end of not one but two devastating hurricanes heading our way!

As we drove the weather intermittently cleared, and then rained down upon us.

The scenery became increasingly more rugged, picturesque and stunningly beautiful as we progressed northwards.

Reaching our first destination however, the sun started to shine on the Forest Lodge Visitor Park and our waterfall walk.

An easy half hour walk during which we could hear the water which was was gushing over the waterfall

before we saw it suddenly in front of us.

After their sharp descent the red brown ironstained waters rushed over the rocks along their way.

Sally took the opportunity to test out her drone, and the results were quite effective, even though I lost a few nails biting them in fear of it dropping into the water or getting stuck in a tree!

We were rewarded with a rainbow as we finished our walk, much to my delight.

We then drove the Three Lochs Scenic Drive, a seven mile drive, yes around the three lochs,Loch Drunkie


Loch Venachar and Loch Achray on single track road with stunning views and space to pull of the road to enjoy them.

Our accommodation for the night is on the banks of Loch Lomond with more stunning views,

and a good restaurant. We were treated to yet another rainbow as we ate dinner overlooking the loch,

then the beautiful lilac sky’s after the sun went down,

all in all a much better day than we had anticipated this morning!

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