Scotland North Coast 500: A deviation to Faerie Glen Isle of Skye

Although we had lots of things on our plan of things to do on Skye, we knew that a lot would depend on the weather. As the rain had hammered down on the cabin roof most of the night we knew we were going to be limited, and changed our route as there was a chance the weather would improve slightly later in the day so that we could walk the Quirang.

First stop was unplanned,

but we saw the river rushing down over the rocks by the side of the road,

so a quick swerve into he car park, donned our waterproofs and explored the riverbank which was decidedly muddy but looked terrific.

Passing a small castle en route, Faerie Glen was our destination, thinking it was just a quick stop and wouldn’t matter if it was raining….

How wrong you can be! The narrow road snaked along, and we passed a number of cars ‘abandoned’ precariously at the roadside until we managed to find a decent place to park.

Wow, was it muddy! But that wasn’t going to stop us, nor was the rain which was now more of a drizzle, so the walking sticks came out to support us as we climbed the steep banks.

The whole place was eerily beautiful, the colours sharp and intense,

the rocks rugged, a definite ‘other worldliness’ about the area.

It looked as though someone had painted the hills and mounds from their imagination,

nature has such a wonderful way of surprising and mystifying us with its beauty.

The sheep were having the last laugh at the visitors as they sat comfortably atop the mounds looking down at everyone slipping and sliding in the mud!

The Faerie Ring of stones was mystical and no one ventured within the circle, ( not while we were there anyway!) who knows what may have happened to those who did!!

Reluctantly making our way back down to the car, Sally said ‘Mum follow me, I’m sure Poppa is going to fall over” and no sooner had she said it…… Surprisingly graceful in his fall Amr reminded us that as a former goalkeeper he was well versed in fall tactics!!

We continued our journey through intermittent rain and consistently low cloud, round the top of the isle, viewing the Quirang from the north side, passing the Old Man of Storr clothed in cloud.

Taking in the jaw dropping scenery along the way

and stopping briefly at Kilt Rock and Melt Falls

before we dropped back into Portree.

Such a pretty harbourside of colourful houses along the bay,

of course by now starving we couldn’t resist the fish n chip shop on the harbour and were lucky enough to have got half way through our meal before the heavens opened and we legged it back to the car to finish off in the dry!

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