Cairo to Aswan: The Long Cruise: Cairo 2

Today we skipped the planned group tour and took a taxi into town. Alighting by Tahrir Square we walked to Khan el Khalili, passing the markets of Attabba and through all the way to El Azhar. Here you can buy literally anything your heart or home desires! From clothes, to homeware, tools to rope, kids toys to furniture….

Past Attaba Square where the stalls overtake the road never mind the pavements, there are acres and acres of streets and alleyways selling material of every type possible, we know where to come when refurbishing chairs!

After a wander around the souk we took respite in the mayhem that is Fishawy.

An absolute Cairo institution, the cafe spills out from the original cafe out onto the passageway. Here whilst drinking your mint tea, or in our case mint, you can watch as the world passes you by. The vendors come to you to save you looking!! Get a tattoo, have your shoes polished, buy your pashmina, sunglasses, ‘Rolex’ watch, papyrus, whatever you may not need will be offered as you sit.

In need of a little exercise we walked back into town on the opposite side of the street, here models in skimpy negligees advertise the bedding on sale! Breakfast by now a distant memory we headed to Abu Tarek for the best koshary you can eat.

Fully replete we hopped into a taxi and returned to the boat to enjoy the sunset in the cooling breeze.

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