Cairo to Aswan: The Long Cruise: Cairo to Beni Suef

Today was a cruising the Nile day from Cairo, where we set off before 5am. Stationing ourselves on the sun deck,

under the shade and taking in the the cooling breeze we made observations of the changing yet hazy countryside as we sailed past.

The red brick factories are predominant along this stretch of the river.

In pre-dam days the annual flood used to be the source of the silt for the making of bricks. This year the Nile is very high, having observed this whilst in Cairo its very evident that the adjacent fields are flooded.

The workers in the fields,

the ibis birds,

the women washing at the riverside

all so serene and habits that seem to change little over the years, yet you can see the modernisation in the form of tractors, new red brick buildings and tuk tuks racing along.

All along the way kids wave enthusiastically from the riverbank, not entirely sure what they make of the women in their bikinis waving back!

We are accompanied at all times by a police boat and a coastguard boat. Not sure whether this is supposed to make people feel safe or unsettled! There’s also an armed security guard on board, although not sure how secure he makes anyone feel!

On days like this time is bound to mealtimes, and there is definite an abundance of food at mealtimes, then afternoon tea was accompanied by the speciality that is Lomat el Aadi,

delicious dough deep fried then tossed in honey and sugar syrup.

I am going to need to buy a galabeya before the end of the trip as my clothes threaten not to fit as the food is beyond our expectations!


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