Cairo to Aswan: The Long cruise: Sailing the Nile to Sohag

Cruising the Nile to Sohag,

more beautiful scenery,

more kids shouting and waving from the banks.

Many workers tilling the land,

or relaxing in the fields.

Arriving at Sohag around 5pm, we ran the gauntlet of security to permit us to go for a walk in the town. The others were being escorted by armed guard after dinner, we could think of nothing worse to be honest. So we managed and walked over the bridge and along the streets of the town.

Again, no one took much notice of us, other than the occasional jaw dropping at my white hair. To be honest it’s much more comfortable than walking the streets of Cairo. The towns may be poor but they have shops for just about everything, and certainly an oversupply of pharmacies. We stopped outside of one of the shops and noticed a procession of brides and grooms, accompanied by video cameras, emerging from the photography studio. One of the cameramen alerted one of the brides to our presence, and she broke her neck to look back out of the window, and was so delighted when we waved to her!

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