Cairo to Aswan: The Long Cruise: Dandara

A civilised start at 10 am and we headed out of Qena the short distance towards Dandara temple. Here there were lots more tourist buses and private cars also visiting.

This one I remember visiting but a lot has changed over the years. I need to check the photos I took then against the ones I have taken today to confirm the differences.

Dedicated to Hathor the carvings and paintings adorning the walls

and ceilings still so colourful after all these years.

Even the passageways up to the roof and upper temple were intricately decorated and memories came flooding back of my previous visit.

Here we observed the zodiac and the signs we still use today.

After bravely stating that I would go down into the crypt, by the time I got down the steps there was someone else crawling up, the space so small I decided that my best plan of action was to accept the limitations of age and make a hasty retreat!

After our return to the boat we headed to Luxor, the landscape becoming more densely populated as we progressed. Arriving after sunset the lights of the town welcomed us.

We docked opposite the famous Winter Palace hotel, we passed though three other boats to reach land. We had a walk around Luxor, me amazed at how much it has changed over the years. Last time we were here a couple of years ago we did not have chance to explore so we were determined to do so this time. The newly refurbished Corniche was alive with light and people enjoying the cooler night air.

The souk we walked from tourist end to local end.

It reminded me of Khan el Khalili of old. Lots of merchandise on display, welcoming shouts, spices, scarves interspersed with replica relics and leather goods, mother of pearl tables…

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